Winter Collection

Go To Chocolate Summer Collection 2013

Playful, adventurous, delicious, and a 'must-have' part of summertime.

Ginger and Dark Rum infused butter ganache, spicey and bold; Coconut cream, shredded coconut in dark chocolate; Vanilla Balsamic butter cream, balsamic vinegar reduction with Malagasy vanilla in dark chocolate; 61% Cacao Chocolate crème fraiche ganace, tang and luxurious smoothness of crème fraiche carry the deep dark chocolate; Jasmine petal noyau over White Chocolate truffle, the OMG piece of the season - 'nuf said, Key Lime ganache, White Chocolate ganache with key lime essential oils; Strawberry Pineapple truffle, a smoothy in a dark chocolate shell; Caramallow, brings together silky caramel and fluffy marshmallow for a memory-making experience.


8-piece gold gift box, $16

15-piece gold gift box, $28



Black Lava Salt Caramel

Black Lava Salt Caramel

This one has an instant cult following. You salt-loving customers begged for this one. And now lots of people are seeking to have this over and over again. Black Lava salt entraps minerals for its black color and sweeter taste. The soft caramel is dipped in white chocolate. The flavor overlaps with the caramel and lengthens the caramely experience. Meanwhile, the salt starts to crunch and then dissolve to enhance the already steep flavor experience.

Black Lava Salt Caramel

12-piece burgundy box, $24

4-piece gift box, $8


66% Organic Origin Dark Chocolate

66% Organic Origin Dark Chocolate

OK, this is it, the supreme dark chocolate eating experience. Many of you desire a classic tablet for dosing your daily chocolate so we created this Go To Chocolate version. Easily one of the best chocolates in the world. Watch out! There is more flavor here than the percentage lets on. It is very strong, but not harsh. It delivers what you've been anticipating.

1, segmented tablet, $4


Go To Chocolate Bar

Go To Chocolate Bar

A thin layer of crisp English Toffee topped with a layer of soft caramel all covered in dark chocolate.

Go To Chocolate Bites

The best selling chocolate bar that many have come to know and love, is available in bite size pieces to share…or not.

Ingredients:  Dark Chocolate (cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla), sugar, butter, glucose, almonds, milk, cream, salt, vanilla.


Full-sized Go To Chocolate Bar

Go To Chocolate Bar, $4.50 each

Go To Chocolate Bites

Go To Chocolate Bites,
16 piece burgundy box, $24


Organic Almond Bark

Organic Almond Bark in 61% Dark

Organic Almonds are twice roasted to ensure crispiness and rich flavor and then paired with 61% Dark Chocolate for a low sweetness ratio. Some consider this a meal replacement. The container has a story, too. It is made of 90% recycled material and compostable.

Almond Bark, Small

3 inch round, $5

Almond Park, Large

5 inch round, $15


Dark Chocolate Vegan Collection

All Dark Chocolate Lovers Collection

With sweet affection, we see people giving this gift to those they love, including themselves. It is pure magic. All Dark Chocolate Lovers Collection uses natural nut pastes, fruits and pure oils to form soft ganache and gel centers for these gorgeous shiny chocolates: Raspberry Fondant Creme filled into Dark Chocolate, Rose Petal Noyau, Bing Cherry Ganache, Extra Virgin Olive Oil pressed with Blood Orange skillfully blended with Dark Chocolate for a meltaway block, Oregon Hazelnut Paste and Dark Chocolate Gianduja, Organic Almond Cluster (twice roasted for crispy texture).

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, almonds, hazelnut paste, extra virgin olive oil pressed with blood oranges, rose petals, cherries, coconut milk, applesauce, raspberries, glucose. Notice there are no dairy or animal ingredients.

15 piece Gold Box

15 piece Gold gift box, $28

12 piece Burgundy Box

12 piece burgundy box, $24

4 piece gift box

4 piece gift box, $8



English Toffee

English Toffee

Excellent English Toffee. A crisp wafer of buttery toffee and almonds covered in dark chocolate and encrusted with roasted almonds.

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla), sugar, butter, almonds, salt, vanilla.


English Toffee Box

16 piece burgundy box $18

English Toffee House Box

4 piece clear sleeve, $5


Caramel & English Toffee Combination

Caramel & English Toffee Combo

Have your caramel with the toffee on the side. Rich, tender caramel bites covered in dark chocolate along side the excellent English Toffee.

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla) sugar, butter, glucose, almonds, milk, cream, salt, vanilla.

18 piece burgundy box, $24


Dark Chocolate Enrobed Caramels

Dark Chocolate Enrobed Caramels

This soft and creamy caramel is profoundly great. It is cooked to the chocolatier’s favorite texture and degree of flavor development. It is kettle-cooked in small batches, hand cut and then passed through a curtain of flowing, 55% dark chocolate to form a thin coating layer.

12 piece burgundy box

12 piece burgundy box, $18

4 piece gift box

4 piece clear gift box, $6


Two Pours

Chocolate Fudge Sauce & Caramel Sauce

Devastatingly delicious. Chocolate Fudge Sauce and Caramel Sauce are good for everything you can think of, straight nibbling, topping on ice cream, dipping sliced apples, together or separately. The unbelievably smooth texture rolls gently across the tongue. 8 oz tub containers travel well and do not require refrigeration.

Chocolate Fudge Sauce, $9
8 oz tub

Caramel Sauce, $9
8 oz tub

Any two, $17

Farmers' Market Only


Dark Chocolate Rocky Road

Dark Chocolate Rocky Road

Handmade, tender, fluffy marshmallow and toasted walnuts in a dark chocolate slab.

One slab, burgundy box, $15


72% Dark Chocolate

72% Dark Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is a great way to enjoy this fragrant dark chocolate.  We repack exquisite E. Guittard 72% Dark Chocolate wafers with a recipe for brewing deep, rich hot chocolate at home the same way we sell it at the Farmers’ Market. Excellent for general nibbling or your own truffle making, too.

12 oz re-closable bag, $9


Go To Chocolate Presents:

Chocolate Fitness Camp, Session 1

Sunday, October 14 from 3-7pm
765 Old County Road, Unit A
San Carlos, CA 94070

Fee: $75, includes chocolate and supplies for course and samples to take home

Are you working with chocolate and would like to increase your speed, knowledge and agility? Are you interested in learning all the ins and outs of the tempering process? Would you like to learn how to describe the many complex tastes of chocolate like a pro in order to attract attention to your products? Here is a unique opportunity to challenge your chocolate fitness with two great coaches, husband and wife team, Michael and Thalia Hohenthal. Michael is the founder and artisan chocolatier for Go To Chocolate, a local sensation, whose products are sold fresh weekly at Farmers' Markets. Thalia is a career Chocolate Food Scientist with Guittard Chocolate Company, volunteering to help Michael launch his series of courses for the enlightened chocolate aficionado. Join us for an afternoon of fun and "edu-tain-ment" as we excercise our chocolate know how with this dynamic couple. Class will be hands-on and you will learn how to make solid molded and shell moulded chocolate filled with chocolate fillings.

Register by clicking "Add to Cart" above, or email